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Kringle & Kittredge - A Closer Look

You probably saw our latest blog announcing that we are now the exclusive distributor for Kringle and Kittredge candles, something we are delighted about. You may not know too much about the candles themselves, so we want to give you a closer look prior to becoming available. 

Their two distinct looks set these two brands apart, but the high quality and fantastic scents give them some common ground. Kringle candles are simplistic with bright white wax, elegant tall glass jars and fantastic fragrance throws. We will stock the large (22oz) and medium (14.5oz) jars and the single daylight candles. The large and medium jars have two wicks, meaning a faster melt and bigger wax pool, each burning for up to 100 hours and 75 hours, respectively. The daylight candles are twice the size of a tealight and offer a deceptively large throw. The convenient lid means you can take your favourite scents with you when you travel. Kringle's fragrance portfolio consists of fresh smells such as Aqua, Beachside and Comfy Sweater. Their floral scents include Peony and French Lavender while their gourmet scents are the deep and rich Hot Chocolate and Vanilla Latte. The full collection will consist of 28 unique scents across the 3 product ranges. 

Now let's talk Kittredge. Rich colours dressed in the classic Apothecary jars as well as the addition of scented daylight candles too. The large jars are 23oz and will burn for 100-150 hours, and the medium jars are 16oz and will give you 65-90 hours of fragrance! Fresh fragrances such as Cotton Fresh and Life's a Beach are joined by the gourmet fragrances of Chocolate Chip Cookie and Blueberry Muffin. Kittredge also features dual wicks, meaning less tunnelling and more wax for your money. Again, 28 unique fragrances will be available in the Kittredge Candles.

Both brands will be available in January 2018, giving you a fantastic kick-start into the year ahead. Keep checking our facebook page for more sneak peeks into Kringle and Kittredge. 


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