Why Two Wicks?

Why Two Wicks?

Woodbridge large candle jars are multi-wicked. This allows them to burn cleaner and generates less soot than the single wick style offered by our competitors. More light, less wax residue and pure, clean fragrances.

Cleaner Burn

All wicks are solid cotton to allow for a more efficient burn and to minimalise any sooting. No lead can be found in any of our wicks and they all conform to regulatory safety standards.

More Efficient

Dual wicks are so efficient that they burn at the same rate as single wick candles. What's more, the two wicks burn the wax so completely that there is very little left in the bottom of the jar. That means you always get more candle for the money.

Double The Ambience

The most noticeable difference is that a dual wicked candle gives you twice the reassuring glow of single wick candles. Two wicks also release more of the fresh, inviting fragrance of each candle into your living environment. It's like having twice the ambience in the same space.


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