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Aromatize Ltd is the wholesale supplier of a number of high-quality product ranges. Aroma Accessories, Woodbridge Soy Candles, and Goose Creek Candles

Our focus is to bring fresh ideas and quality products to the fragrance market. This is why all of our brands contain multi-wicked candles as we want every customer to be thrilled with their candles from start to finish.

Aroma Accessories

  • From simple beginnings with votive holders and tea-light burners, through innovative design and a passion for what we sell, Aroma Accessories have grown into a market leader in Home Fragrance Accessories. Our Electric Burners have taken the UK by storm and our beautiful, ever-changing, accessories collection is shipped worldwide.
  • Our collection consists of Jar Lamps, Plates, Tea-light and Electric Wax Melt Burners, Diffusers, Fragrance Lamps, and the accompanying Lamp Fragrance and Essential Oils.
  • Whether it’s a subtle natural shimmer or a bright and bold design, there is something for every home.

 Woodbridge Soy Candles

  • The elegant and environmentally friendly Woodbridge Candles are produced from 100% pure soybean oil which is better for the environment and better for you. Only natural essential oils are used to perfume these candles to further enhance the fragrance throw and clean-burning characteristics we achieve.
  • Along with wax products we have also produced a range of reed diffusers that have been manufactured to the highest standards and do not contain alcohol.
  • The Large Simplistic White candles have three wicks and Large Sleek Silver Bell Jars are duel-wicked.
  • Our fragrance load is more than double that of standard fragranced candles. Standard candle 2-3% load, premium candle 5%, Woodbridge 7%. Only pure cotton wicks are used in our products.
  • Our Soybean is imported from the U.S.A. through sustainable producers and only pure organic essential oils are used to fragrance every product we produce and are imported from leading perfume houses based in the U.S.A, Europe, and Australia.
  • No “sooting” or carcinogenic substances are produced when burning a soy candle. Our soy is 100% GM free and no pesticides or herbicides are used during cultivation.
  • Soy wax spills can easily be cleaned without the use of solvents.
  • None of our components have been subject to animal testing and no artificial colourants or dyes are used in our products.
  • Our unique wooden lids are produced from renewable sources. All packaging used on our products is through recycled channels and soybean is 100% biodegradable.

Goose Creek Candles

  • Goose Creek Candles began operations in 1997 and is now a well-respected leading US manufacturer of fragranced candles.  With facilities in South Carolina and Tennessee, they are ideally situated to support the thousands of retailers they service across the US.  Supplying boutiques, department stores, garden centres and pharmacies they are a perfect match for Aromatize and Aroma Accessories.
  • 100% American hand poured candle jars (high grade, food quality, paraffin wax) which are handcrafted under strict quality control.  Every production batch is randomly tested for colour, aroma and burn profile.
  • Up to 100 different fragrances with new additions each year:
    o 24oz Dual Wicked Essential Candle Jars (Up to 150 hours burn time)
    o Essential Wax Melts (Up to 80 hours burn time / up to 13 ½ hours per wax section)
    o Fireflies (Twice the size of a tea-light up to 12 hours burn time)
  • Goose Creek candle jars have two wicks, meaning they burn cleaner and generate less soot than the single wick style. They generate more light, less wax residue and pure, clean fragrances. Goose Creek wicks are all produced in the US.  The wicks are made from solid cotton and in some cases may contain a paper core.  Goose Creek never use wicks with a lead core.
  • The scents, fragrance throw and burn are excellent.  Only refined wax, the richest colours and the finest essential oils are used.
  • Unlike many of their competitors, Goose Creek have their own in-house fragrance developers and evaluators.  Their in-house developers work with world-renowned perfumeries to create unique custom formulas to meet the needs and desires of their customers, with a little bit of guidance from us too!


  • Low minimum order values. £250 UK mainland, £300 Northern & Southern Ireland & £500 Channel Islands and Export (FOB).
  • Small pack sizes.


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